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Terms and Conditions

By using this website you agree to the following:

Fees – Hotel bookings (excludes rental and long term accommodation). 

The Fee for World-Blue Pty Ltd services is included in the rates quoted by the Hotel. There is NO additional booking fee. This Fee is equal to between 10% and 25% of each nights cost, for each night of the stay we book. The amount of this deposit is nominated by each hotel and this amount comes off the quoted nightly rate. You will be notified of the amount of this fee prior to confirming your booking.

The Fee is charged in the form of a non-refundable Deposit at the time of booking, and counts toward the Total Cost of Accommodation. The Guest then settles the remaining balance cost for each night that the Guest stays, directly with the Hotel (unless otherwise stated at the time of booking. Some rooms are fully pre-paid at the time of reservation)

This deposit is not refundable if the booking is cancelled after the booking is made. The deposit cannot be transferred to another booking if the booking is cancelled or shortened. The deposit component cannot be transferred to the overall cost of stay if a stay is shortened. The deposit is an amount paid to World Blue Pty Ltd (An M-Power Accommodation company). 

This amount is accepted by the client at time of booking. If a stay is shortened, the deposit paid to World Blue Pty Ltd, for unused nights cannot be used toward the balance owed to the hotel for nights stayed.

This Deposit is only charged if a booking is made by World Blue Pty Ltd. In order to make a booking, guests must accept that World Blue Pty Ltd will charge this non-refundable Deposit. This is noted prior to confirmation of your reservation.


Credit Card Fees

Australian Law permits a surcharge on payments made with some credit cards. This is common with AMEX and DINERS Cards, as well as Visa and Mastercard. 

World Blue Pty Ltd DOES NOT  charge a credit card service fee for hotel bookings, however some hotels may do so. In limited cases where a service charge by World Blue Pty Ltd does apply you will be notified prior to proceeding. The American Discover Card is not accepted in Australia. Rental and long term accommodation terms and conditions can be found here: 


Cancellation or No-Show Fees and Guest Contact Information

Providing correct guest contact information to World Blue Pty Ltd is the full responsibility of the guest. As well, ensuring that correspondence such as a booking confirmation is not blocked by your spam or junk-mail filter is also the responsibility of the guest.

Once World Blue Pty Ltd has secured a booking as instructed by the guest, the guest is then bound by the booking conditions including No-Show and Cancellation Fees. Where incorrect or incomplete guest contact information is provided, World Blue Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any losses, for example a cancellation fee, which arise from the guest not receiving the booking confirmation.

World Blue Pty Ltd has no control over the settings on the computer of a booking guest, including spam and junk-mail filtering. As such, once you have committed to the conditions of a booking, if you do not received your confirmation within a reasonable time the onus is on the booking guest to contact World Blue Pty Ltd in an attempt to remedy the situation. Our phone numbers and contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Once you proceed with the booking and have accepted the terms and conditions, you are bound by those terms and conditions. For example, this may includes a fee for no-show on your booked date of arrival, or a room being fully pre-paid at the time of reservation. 


Who Pays?

When the Guest goes ahead with the stay as booked, the Deposit is charged to the Guest at the time of booking. The remaining balance of each nights cost (if applicable), for each night the Guest stays, is paid directly to the hotel after check-in (unless otherwise stated). In this case the Hotel has covered the Fee for World Blue Pty Ltd services, as this deposit counts toward the total cost of accommodation owed by the guest.

When the Guest does not go ahead with the stay as booked, the Deposit will still have been charged to the Guest at the time of booking. In this case, the Guest has covered the World Blue Pty Ltd Fee in the form of the non-refundable deposit.

The 10%-25% Non-Refundable deposit is a Fee to World Blue Pty Ltd. This amount is not paid to the hotel and therefore cannot count toward the balance owed by the guest to the hotel, even if the stay is shortened. Nor can this amount count toward any other cost incurred by the guest during their stay at the hotel.

For stays booked at some hotels the Deposit is not charged by World Blue Pty Ltd at the time of booking. For these bookings, the Hotel charges the Guest the full cost for each night the Guest stays. World Blue Pty Ltd will charge the deposit only in the event of a no-show by the guest, or cancellation of the booking. World Blue Pty Ltd calculates the deposit on the number of nights originally booked for the guest.

For some rooms, they are fully pre-paid, and or non-refundable once booked. For these rooms, no amount will be refunded to the guest should the guest wish to cancel or ammend their reservation, or a no-show occurs. 


Alterations to a booking

Alterations to a booking are to be made in writing to World Blue Pty Ltd. Alterations to bookings will only be accepted from the person who originally made the booking. Alterations made in writing can be sent to email: and fax: +61-2-9319 7195. For all alterations made to a booking, a service fee of AUD$35 per alteration will be charged.

Where a confirmed booking is altered, no refund of the securing deposit will occur. Where the deposit amount for the new booking is greater than the deposit amount for the old booking, only the difference is charged (plus an AUD$35 administration fee). Where the deposit amount for the new booking is less than the deposit amount for the old booking no difference is refunded (and an AUD$35 administration fee will be charged)

On occassion, cancellations or ammendments cannot occur, in the case of no availability, or where a booking is non refundable or non cancellable. In this case, the amount already paid will be fully forfetited, and a new reservation made. 


Cancellation or No-Show

Notice of cancellation of any booking or alteration to a booking must be made in writing, by email or fax to World Blue Australia – email: and fax: +61-2-9319 7195. If you do not receive confirmation from World Blue Pty Ltd of cancellation of your booking please contact us.

A “No-Show” is when the Guest fails to arrive on the booked date of arrival. If a guest does not arrive on the booked date of arrival, this will result in the Cancellation of the remainder of the booking. Bookings cancelled due to a no-show are still subject to the booking and charge conditions.

The Guest may be charged a Cancellation Fee by the hotel in addition to any non-refundable deposit charge made World Blue Pty Ltd. The cancellation policy for each room type can be found on your confirmation documents, and in the hotels room type description.


Limited Liability and Quality of Information

From time to time, the products or services of an accommodation provider may not be available due to renovations or modifications to that product, e.g. upgrading a swimming pool, or as a result of an unplanned failure, e.g. an elevator may be out of action as a result of equipment failure etc. In these circumstances, World Blue Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for any consequence resulting from any such unavailability. It is the hotels responsibility to list these details on our website. World Blue Pty Ltd is limited and restricted to the hotels loading of correct information to our website.

World Blue Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for incorrect information posted by a hotel onto our website through the hotels extranet facility. World Blue Pty Ltd goes to great lengths to ensure information provided is correct and up to date. In the event that an incorrect rate is loaded, due to a human error or technical error, the correct rates will apply. Any such error will not diminish the client’s responsibility to pay the correct rate.

World Blue Pty Ltd will not be held responsible to cover any shortfall in rates as a result of such an error. If you notice such an error noted on our sites or in information we send you, we would greatly appreciate it being pointed out to us for correction.


Minimum stay requirements

It is common for Hotels to charge higher rates, require a minimum stay, and/or require some form of prepayment for stays including dates during High Season, New Year or other special events. Please be aware of any higher rates, pre-payment conditions or no cancellation terms before booking. These conditions are available during the booking process, as well as on your confirmation documents.


Long Stay & Group Bookings

Please apply for rates and/or conditions which apply for long stays or group bookings. Group bookings are considered any more than 3 rooms. No more than 3 rooms can be booked automatically on our system. Long stay rates and/or conditions are based upon the total length of the stay. A maximum of 365 days be booked on our system. Where a long stay is shortened, higher rates and/or conditions may apply, based upon the actual length of stay.

Group rates and/or conditions are based upon the number of rooms and services, and total length of the stay, as quoted. Where the actual number of rooms and services used, and/or actual length of the stay is different from the original booking, higher rates and/or conditions may apply.



Rates are loaded by the hotels and are confirmed at the time of booking only. Once the booking process has begun, rates will remain valid for only 20 minutes in the booking from step 2. Rates may refresh or your session may time out after 20 minutes of no activity.


Problem Resolution

If you encounter any problem relating to your stay which you would like World Blue Pty Ltd to assist in resolving, please contact us at that time (at time of check-in or during the stay). If you choose not to contact World Blue Pty Ltd during the stay then it is unlikely that we will be able to assist in resolving the situation.



Requests can be made when a booking is secured, however requests will only be subject to availability at the time of stay. Common requests include, for example: a room on a high floor, a low floor, to be able to check-in early or a late check-out. Requests can be made for views (if available at the property) or for smoking or non-smoking rooms (where available at the property). The hotel will do what it can to grant the request – however at no time, is the request guaranteed. Where a room type is not stated as having a particular view, it will be assumed no view is available.

Where a room type is not stated as being smoking or non-smoking, it will be assumed it could be either and a request for either can be made. Where a request has been made and the hotel is unable to grant the request, this will not nullify the applicable booking conditions, in any way. Bedding configurations provided by hotels in no way can be guaranteed and are on a request basis only, dependant on availability.


Secured Bookings

Bookings may only be secured with a valid credit card. Securing a booking is also referred to as “guaranteeing” a booking. The credit card provided to guarantee a booking will be charged for any outstanding accommodation, incidental or other costs incurred during the stay.

All hotels and apartments properties require that a credit card be provided upon Check-In to guarantee the booking. Credit card details provided to World Blue Pty Ltd, in order to guarantee a booking, will also be provided to the Hotel, and may be used in accordance with the Hotel’s No-Show or Cancellation Policy.

At the time of Check-In, the guest must provide their own valid credit card that is in the same name as the reservation.

World Blue Pty Ltd advises that NO third-party credit cards (a credit card in another person’s name) will be accepted at Check-In. Should the hotel decide not to Check-In a guest where a third-party credit card is provided, no refunds will be made by World Blue Pty Ltd and any cancellation fees payable to the hotel will be charged to the credit card originally provided to secure the reservation.


Hotel’s Inablility to Provide Accommodation

In the rare event that a hotel is unable to provide accommodation as booked by World Blue Pty Ltd, World Blue Pty Ltd will work with the hotel to assist in finding suitable and similar accommodation. If such an event arises where the hotel cannot provide the accommodation booked and World Blue Pty Ltd is unable to provide alternative accommodation the limit of liability of World Blue Pty Ltd will not exceed the cost of the deposit paid to World Blue Pty Ltd for that unfulfilled booking.